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According to experts, Google Rankbrain plays a vital role in enhancing the website rank with respect to Search engines such as Google. It is a ubiquitous term nowadays, and the significant query related to this is – How to use Google Rankbrain for SEO and does it bring any changes in the marketing strategy in the current year. According to the Best SEO company in Chennai, Rankbrain has drastically enhanced the search results for the web users.
Rankbrain plays a vital role in SEO when it comes to ranking. This tool collects information from the users’ search and continuously analyzes to find a link among the words people search and the service/product they need. This is actually the job of the marketers to probe what the web users expect on their commercial website designers in Chennai
The major purpose of RankBrain is to find out the requirement of the searcher. So, this ideal tool recommends in designing content webpages matching with the main keyword and other sentences connecting the main keyword.
If you want to utilize Google RankBrain, you must remember a few key points-
• Focus more on fixing goal instead of writing crisp articles
• Next, sketch a strategy on how to work towards achieving the goals.
• This will connect you with two other tools – google Adwords service Keyword Planner and Google Search. These are free tools that can be used within the brain of Rankbrain.
Here we give you a flow used by various Best SEO Companies in Chennai. The Best SEO expert uses Google Rankbrain in a much professional way. Check Out!!

  1. Begin with Google AdWords
    This is a free tool for keyword planning. You may begin with different keywords sentences on one page rather than the old age type of using one keyword on one page. The keyword may be used in the title- heading, subheading when scripting a blog post for your website designers in Chennai This will raise the searching probability of your blog post.
  2. Check out Google Search
    After you have accumulated attractive keyword phrases, utilize them in your heading and sub-headings of the blog post and transfer the content to the Google search and begin finding out keyword phrases that were included in your content. This will give you a picture of how Rankbrain links particular keyword phrases.
  3. Never Stuff your Post with Keywords
    The main focus of any Best Content Marketing Companies in Chennai must not be to overload the content with keywords when not required. Rather a writer must plan the content in such a way that the keywords flow with the content naturally, and compulsory inclusion doesn’t seem evident. So it is necessary to plan a strategy, keep your records on worksheets, fix a goal and use an ideal conceptual method of writing to convey your thought.

Never Miss to Get-through the Approval Test
The last but never skip the step of this process is that your content must be tested for approval to support your website, business and SEO. Make sure your content passes the test. This step is given much importance because it helps in receiving reviews from the users who visit your webpage and readers who read your content.
Final Words
RankBrain is just as another google update that actually aims in providing high-quality solutions to the end-user while searching for particular information on the Google search engine. This is generally the task of a marketer to target on offering the best search results. However, RankBrain does this job for them. It sounds simple with Rankbrain but if you find any complications or need for Best SEO expert advise there are many Best SEO companies in Chennai you can approach

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