The Difference Between SEO Vs ASO

The Difference Between SEO Vs ASO

With increased digitization and growing Internet usage, an increasing number of businesses are following the digital marketing company in Chennai route to achieve their business objectives. Search engine optimization (SEO) and App store optimization (ASO) have become indispensable.
While ASO is sometimes claimed to be the Best SEO Services in Chennai for apps, it is not fully right. Although they have a few common characteristics and similarities, they are meant for different goals and are different.

The Fundamentals of SEO and ASO

SEO is the process of optimizing a website to achieve better visibility and positioning on the search engines. The key purpose of SEO is to increase the quantity as well as the quality of the traffic to a website. This is performed through organic search engine results. SEO is more into visibility and click-through rate on the website designers in Chennai
ASO is the process that helps to optimize an application or a game with the intention of maximizing its visibility during a search in app stores. Its purpose is to increase traffic to listing as well as enhancing conversion rates so that the volume of organic downloads can be maximized. ASO is about visibility and conversion rate related to downloads on app stores.

Major Factors That Differentiate SEO and ASO

  1. Search Intent and User Behaviour
    The way people search for something on the web differs with the platform being used. This is due to the difference in their behaviour and intent. With the search intent, the type of keywords differs too. Various tools are available for getting the right keywords for optimizing for app stores and search engines.
  2. Ranking Factors
    The factors that determine the ranking of your website or application are entirely different for ASO and SEO. While Google makes use of nearly 200 algorithms to determine page ranking, there are not so many factors and subsequent complexities in the case of ASO. App rankings depend on fewer factors only. SEO ranking factors are plenty and complicated.
  3. Success Rate Differs
    The parameters for determining the visibility and ranking for ASO are pretty few. This enables you to get results within around 5-6 weeks. On the other hand, due to the complexity, SEO takes far more time. You have to wait for 5-6 months to see any positive results.
  4. User Reviews and Ratings
    One of the key differences between SEO and ASO is app reviews and ratings. Each app has its own rating on the App Store. This parameter will act as the social proof of quality for that app. In the case of websites, there are hardly a few that have such a parameter set to determine their rating.
  5. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is Different
    The metrics or KPI used for measuring the success of Local SEO services in Chennai differs from that of ASO. While there are tools for both, the parameters are different for both.
    ASO and SEO are two different eco-systems that serve different user intent. Both SEO and ASO are crucial to modern businesses. It is a good business idea to include both in the social media marketing company in Chennai strategy to improve your business.

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