How does Video Help SEO?

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Videos have been gaining increasing importance in a modern best digital marketing company in Chennai. Having played a crucial role in organic visibility since long, videos have become even more important in enhancing brand visibility, and for getting more clicks. Organic visibility is being considered more important than rankings today. Building a consistent, powerful video strategy is inevitable in the present a social media marketing company in Chennai

Factors That Make Videos Crucial for SEO

§ Videos help to generate increased traffic
The amount of incoming traffic a website designer in Chennai has is a major factor that influences search ranking by Google. The more regular visitors you get—by providing interesting and useful content—the more your chances of getting a high ranking. And videos play a very important role in bringing traffic to your site.
The likelihood of people visiting your website is more through watching a video on any social media channel. So naturally, if you create more video content, you will be able to draw more quality traffic to your pages. This will help to boost your overall SEO service in Chennai
§ Google gives importance to videos
Google’s internal algorithm related to generating search engine results page is closely associated with improving your SEO. The content’s quality and its relevance to the search terms are considered vital by Google. Having a site with text as well as quality visuals – may be in the form of videos – ensure that your pages are informative while being varied. This improves your SEO efforts considerably.
§ People tend to link more with online videos
In determining search engine ranking, Google considers quality backlinks as a crucial factor. With more number of people linking to your content, you will be seen as an authority on the content. Video content published on social media or OTT service platform provides ample opportunity to earn referral as well as quality traffic.
§ Video proves effective in keeping people longer on a website
With regard to search ranking, the length of stay of users on a site is crucial as far as Google is concerned. Video consistently helps to make people stay longer. Leveraging video content can help to increase the time spent by visitors on websites. This helps to improve the bounce rate, thus facilitating boosting your content to the top of the search engine rankings.
§ Videos increase brand familiarity, thus building clicks and conversions
Video thumbnails can be used for building brand recognisability. This helps the click-through and conversions as familiarity results in increased trust and confidence among web users. Google prefers long video content for certain specific queries. By providing video content, your chances of being recognized are increased on Google.
§ Videos help to increase user experience
By blending movement, sounds, and visuals, video Best Content Marketing Companies in Chennai communicates the intended information seamlessly to people. This ensures improved user experience, which is a critical factor in SEO.


Video collateral impacts Search Engine Optimization significantly. Business owners and marketers can make use of video content effectively to improve Best SEO Services in Chennai and achieve their business objectives in a short time.

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