8 Video Marketing Statistics in 2020

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The demand for video as an effective marketing tool has been on the rise since the last few years. According to a report in 2019, over 86% of global marketing professionals make use of video marketing concepts, most of them successfully. 

Contemporary marketing professionals believe that there is a huge potential in video content that may be tapped significantly to improve brand trust and enhance user engagement 

The Major Video Marketing Statistics in 2020

1. More than 55% of People Tend to Watch Videos Daily

A report from Depositphotos states that 55% of the people are used to watching online videos every day. The figure rises to 75% when weekly viewing is considered. They not only watch videos but also enjoy them.

2. Visuals are considered crucial by nearly 92% of marketers

Wyzowl statistics during December 2019 indicates that video is considered a crucial element of their marketing strategies. It is essential that businesses focus more on videos to gain attention and engage users in a huge way. 

3. Social media video marketing is quoted to satisfy as high as 91% of marketers regarding ROI 

The most recent report from Animoto states that 91% of marketers who have used social media marketing in chennai are quite satisfied with the return on investment. More than 92% felt that video content had been instrumental in getting newcomers as well.

4. An average of 10 billion Snapchat videos are being watched by people

Millennials form a vital group in any modern marketing campaign today. The younger generation today, including millennials, is seen to love watching videos on Snapchat. It is evident from statistics that the modern population watches nearly 10 billion Snapchat videos.

5. Educational YouTube videos make more than 70% of people to feel positive

One of the reasons people watch videos on the Internet is for educational purposes. More than 70% of people across the globe are found to feel motivated, confident, or empowered after watching and learning YouTube video.

6. It is reported that 8 out of 10people who watched a brand’s video tend to purchase the product

According to a Wyzowl report in 2019, videos play a significant role in the decision-making process of users. A survey states that 80% of the users have made a purchase after watching the brand’s video.

7. Americans are expected to watch over 100 minutes of video content every day in the future

As reported by Zenith, people in the U.S. will be watching roughly 100 minutes of video content online per day. Several other nations such as the U.K. and Canada will also follow suit. 

8. The role of video is expected to increase significantly in the future

According to the Cisco report in 2019, roughly 82% of all the global Internet traffic is expected to come from video downloads and streaming. The study further shows that videos will be growing 15-fold in the period from 2017 to 2022.


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