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Are you a savvy inbound marketer? If yes then you must be aware that blogging is a key tool for grasping the potential customers to your website. Irrespective of the experience you have in blogging, you must be toying with the concept of guest blogging. Right?

Are you wavering with the idea “Guest blogging”? You are at the right place. We at Fueldigi are one the best SEO service in chennai for all your SEO queries.

Guest Blogging ?? !!

Guest blogging otherwise known as guest posting is to write content on another company’s webpage. Usually, Guest bloggers share content for alike blogs in the same industry for : 

  • Attracting traffic again to their website
  • Boosting domain authority with the help of external links to highly authoritative domains. 
  • Raise the company’s credibility and publicity.
  • Create relationships with peers in the market.

Most of the time, guest blogging is a mutually beneficial idea for both the guest blogger and the site that hosts the guest content. Simply saying, it is a two-way road- so when you plan to be a part of bandwagon guest blogging, you should also let others post on your website as a guest blogger.

Why Is Guest Blogging Necessary For Your Company?

Guest blogging offers a lot of benefits for your company. When you share your idea on other business websites, you attain the position of authority within your industry, create a relationship with leaders in your field and get an opportunity to expose your company to an entirely fresh audience.

Also, publishing a guest post on your page will lead you to treat your audience with fresh content from a new perspective. Many of your readers may be bored of a routine and same old style of content, posting guest posts is a great choice to keep your blog exciting and also these guest blogs come with a promotional boost as your guest bloggers share their blogs within their network too.

Few blogs like OpenView, source most of their posts from other experts in the market.  Are you worried about the lack of robust blogging cadence for your blog?  Guest bloggers with their fresh content help you resolve this problem without any extra time and effort.

How Do I Begin Guest Blogging?

Prior to getting started with guest blogging, make sure what is your expectation from guest blogging. Check out blogs of non-competitor businesses where you can post actual insight to the audience.

Guest blogging for partners is a good beginning. It is a co-marketing strategy. Guest blogging can also be used to create new relationships with businesses you hope to partner in the near future.

Research – Essential for Perfect Guest Blogging.

Undoubtedly there is a lot of spam on the web. It is your responsibility to not post your content in such blogs – or let any spammy content enter your blog.

Aim on filtering writers within your niche, from your industry and, also makes sure they have a well know business background. Make sure their content aligns with your personas’ interest. If their content is different or opposite to your business, personas, and label voice, guest blogging may create a negative impact on your business. So Be Aware!!

Check out a few things to check out  before offering to guest blog or vice-versa:

  • Is the blog or blogger have a good number of followers who are constantly commenting, sharing blogs among their network, and also is their content exciting?
  • Do they possess a Facebook or Twitter account where they publish their own blog posts on a regular basis?
  • Do they possess a high domain authority that could improve their own Search engine optimization in chennai ?
  • Are their industry and expertise complementing yours?

Pro tip: 

Are you finding it difficult to find out blogs where you can publish? Here is our tip:

Check out a – Relevant Keyword + “Guest Post” or search as Write For Us or something similar. Example if you are planning to write about digital marketing you could search in google with the following line:

  • Digital marketing guest post
  • Digital marketing guest post guidelines
  • Digital marketing seeking guest posts
  • Digital marketing write for us
  • Digital marketing guest post submissions and so on…

This will help you choose the relevant company blogs who have posts related to your interest and also offer to accept guest bloggers.

Guest Blogging – Impacts SEO?

As far as you’re cautious about building highly worthy guest blogs for legitimate website designing company in chennai, guest blogging can be the right path for building your domain authority and raising your SEO ranking.

Are you confused about whether guest blogging can hinder your business?  Your confusion is no wonder, as spam bloggers try to bribe blog owners to give space for their low-quality posts for their link-building and SEO service in chennai benefit. However many marketers have completely stood against it.

Ultimately, creating SEO promoting guest blogging technique boils down to offering genuine, informative, and entertaining content to impart knowledge to your readers- not a low-quality post which is just a content container for links to your page.

If your content is of good quality, guest blogging is a fantastic option to raise your blog’s ranking. In Google’s lens- If other web users are linking back to your blog on their own pages, then the posts your blog must be interesting and informative. When readers comment, share, like or link your page, it boosts your Google’s PageRank which gives your page a better ranking in popping up when someone searches Google on a similar topic.

Remember Google’s PageRank is just an algorithm, so it wouldn’t be able to differentiate between dynamic content and spam. So when you load your guest posts with links and keywords it will boost your ranking however it won’t support you in the generation of high-fit traffic and it will never let you establish as an authority in your field.

High-Quality Guest Blogging Advice-

The tool to write a good quality guest blog is to script it informative from the reader’s point of view- Not as an Advertisement.

Just as any inbound content, your guest blogs must be available to educate your reader not just market your product or service. If the topic is about your product or service, post it in your blog for readers of similar interests. But remember there is a lot of difference in selling your products or pushing it as a marketing strategy and posting useful information to your readers.

Write Guest blogs to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Familiarizing your name among a fresh audience and creating a new relationship with bloggers and businesses is the benefit you must focus through guest blogging.

Few quick tips to help you improve your guest blogging strategy:

  1. Your post must be clear and concise with Author Bio. Certain companies let you add a link back to your page and few companies prohibit it or change the links after some time. So your bio will remain as the only space that will link back to your website.
  2. Try to incorporate at single specific internal link back to the company’s( the company’s blog you are writing in ) previous relevant blog posts while writing a guest post. They’ll appreciate your knowledge and this small gesture helps them in their authority and traffic.
  3. End every post with a call-to-action that triggers readers to leave comments. Keep in mind that the more users comment and share your blog, the more famous your post will be in an SEO search. 
  4. Promote your guest blog content on various social media platforms. This is a good idea to increase traffic back to your guest blogger and their company. It is a great way to publicize your post and also a good idea for thanking for publishing your guest post.
  5. With Google Analytics try to check the traffic your guest post is generating. This will give you a better idea of what readers are expecting to hear from you and analyze what works but better for your business.

With these tips, you can avoid writing or encouraging spammy content and also get the best benefits of Guest Blogging. To raise your SEO rankings,boost the credibility of your business and reach fresh audiences in your market, follow the recommended steps by Fueldigi – One of the Best Digital Marketing Advisor.  

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