How to Create Webinar From Scratch in 10 Simple Steps

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Online webinars offer great opportunities for making effective and easy communication with employees, prospects, customers, partners, and several other entities. Webinars prove to be a simple, yet efficient way to deliver messages across the world to numerous people at a time. It is essential to understand how you can create webinars that resonate with the audience.

Effective Steps To Create Webinar From Scratch

1. Choose your webinar platform

The first step in creating a webinar is naturally researching and identifying the right webinar platform that works for both your audience and yourself. There are several options; you need to zero in on the one that fits your needs.

2. Select your webinar topic

Experts choose their webinar topics based on what serves their audiences best. To make your pick, survey your social media fans, watch out for common themes, and consider your specific business objectives. Based on these factors, decide your topic.

3. Fix the date and time for your webinar

It is crucial that you identify the time zones and locations of your audiences before fixing the right time and date of your webinar. In case your audiences span different time zones, it is recommended to fix 12:00 p.m. PST on Thursdays, as this slot is found to attract the most attendees.

4. Let people know about your webinar – publicize

To ensure maximum participation, you need to promote and publicize it beforehand. In the digital marketing agency in chennai, planning and running a promotion campaign to this effect will be the best way to create awareness about your webinar.

5. Keep your audience engaged

It is crucial to engage the audience and maintain their focus till the end of the webinar. Interacting casually with the audience is the most effective way of keeping them focused and engaged. Let them question you, share their experiences, and express their feelings. 

6. Plan to have visuals for the webinar

Web-based webinars today rely on visual material, in addition to audio. This helps to demonstrate the content better and keep the audiences interested. The best webinars are ones that make your audiences and attendees feel like a face-to-face meeting experience. Visuals greatly help in achieving this. 

7. Practice regularly to make things run smoothly

Start practicing; get started several days in advance to achieve a casual and smooth flow. You will gain confidence and feel free during the session. It is crucial to check and make sure each equipment functions properly. 

8. It is essential to thank the attendees, and follow up, after the webinar

Following up with your attendees is very important, so is expressing your thanks. Remaining in touch with them provides an excellent opportunity to keep the audience continuously engaged. 

9. Analyse your webinar’s result

The trackable metric produced by a webinar will be very helpful in the future. You need to monitor data such as the number of attendees, length of their stay, poll result if any, and comments.


It is planning and organizing well in advance, and practicing your webinar that makes the execution of your webinar a success. Spend sufficient time for planning and testing the session so that you can remove flaws if any.

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