Tip to Get Best Website Ranking -2021

Tip to Get Best Website Ranking

Online marketing, particularly search engine optimization, is an everyday process that requires uninterrupted efforts. If you fail to update your website up to date according to change in Google, you may lose big. Apart from doing the necessary changes, you have to be on track with Digital Marketing Trends and implement them before its arrival. Keeping these aspects in mind, Let’s look forward on updates google would make shortly.
As long as you begin planning for these changes from this minute, it will be difficult for you to rank your website in the search engine ranking.
Design A Mobile-Friendly Site
In 2018 google unleashed the Mobile-first index. So next it will be a significant element for best seo service in chennai. When you create a mobile-friendly page, it will help you in better ranking. A site without a mobile version or with a low quality mobile user sitemap doesn’t make it to the top rank in a search engine.
How do you know whether your site is responsive to mobile phones? Check it with Google mobile-friendly test. It’s simple, Open the tool and paste the URL of the website and here you get the complete results. The test gives you suggestions on areas you need to improve on your Website design and development to make it more mobile-friendly.
To improve your site ranking, changing the site to mobile responsive is the primary step. The content you post has to be mobile friendly too. Your complete online marketing efforts will get dumped if a user can’t go through your content. So give importance to the following aspects:
Keep your paragraphs short and crisp. May around 2 to 3 lines are sufficient.
Heading give a better understanding. Use it often.
For lengthy paragraphs, use indents or numbering for the reader to easily follow.
Change your content voice search ready. 31% of the smartphone users search with voice search across the globe. When the new decade begins, Google estimates around 50% of all searches will be through voice. So in simple lines, implementing voice search in your website is one of the trending Digital Marketing ideas of 2021.
With Voice search turned on, keywords tend to change, and their ranking will also differ a lot. Infect, the user will look for just one search result and if it’s not yours, then you fail.
Begin optimizing your website for voice search before it is fixed as a norm. It will help you in ranking high on Google!
Maintain High site speed
The speed at which your website loads is an essential aspect of user experience. If the site takes 3 seconds to load, 32% of the users turn it down. If it takes 5 seconds, then 90% of the people bounce, and when your site takes around 10 seconds, 123% of the users leave the page.
In the present scenario, anything more than 3 seconds looks like infinity to the visitor, and they would jump to another site than wasting their time on yours. This is the reason when we speak of SEO Website ranking Site speed is also an essential component. Utilize good servers so that viewers get quick results. Don’t Miss-
Both desktop and the mobile site should be able to load in lightning speed
The speed of all the pages in your site must be swift, not only the home page!!
To analyze the speed of your website, use Googles Page speed Test. This tool gives you a complete report highlighting the problematic area on the website and what’s pulling the speed down. Use those recommendations and work on it to increase the speed in your site.
Digital Marketing Trend- New Era
Till date posting backlinks, updating the content regularly or admitting guest posts were few assured techniques to enhance the site rank. The new era we are stepping in is completely different. And if you assume that your website will continue to rank same way by following simply the old strategies then sorry you have understood it wrong.
The thee google update listed is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, these will help you play your SEO game better and give you the necessary help in playing on par with your competitors. But don’t forget, you need to work more. As a top online marketing company in Chennai – Fueldigi understands the requirement of site optimizing in 2021. Our company is also mindful of the thought that everyone must invest their time and effort into these updates.
So if you don’t possess the expertise or don’t know how to take it forward with the Brobdingnag changes, expected from google then Don’t think much. Just call Us .Fueldigi is a renowned SEO and digital marketing agency in Chennai that promises you assured results consistently. We are here to assist you in getting a top rank on Google by keeping the top digital marketing trends high.

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