How to Keep Marketing Team Together Using the Calendar App?

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Smaller or bigger, most of us have to work as a team with our colleagues, staff, and other stakeholders in the modern business set-up. Especially those in the digital marketing domain have to follow an effective, regular marketing routine in order to achieve the intended goals. Here’s where the modern social media marketing calendar app comes to our assistance.

The Role played by Shared Calendar Apps in Managing Marketing Teams

The modern shared calendar apps have emerged as an easy way to schedule meetings, collaborate with your team members, and automate the repetitive tasks in your organization.
The modern social media marketing business scenario is packed with meetings, deadlines. Appointments, website updates, and email responses. There are a few effective and robust calendar apps today that facilitate these. You must look for certain necessary features and qualities while choosing your app:
§ The app must have simple and effective scheduling tools
§ It must be easy to use
§ An automatic syncing facility must be available in the app
§ Cross-platform availability is an essential feature
§ Your app must provide sharing and collaboration features

Major Calendar Apps that have excellent features

  1. Google Calendar and Emails Notifications
    Helping to integrate into various platforms such as Drive, Gmail, G-Suite products, Sites, Hangouts, and Contacts, Google Calendars and emails are effective solutions for digital marketing companies.
    Designed for teams, the integrated Google online calendar app may be accessed using contemporary digital devices.
  2. Outlook Calendar App
    Familiarity is an advantage with the Outlook calendar app, as it is in business use already. It can be shared with others if you have and Outlook account, Office 365, or Exchange.
    Creating additional calendars for any specific projects and sharing with co-workers is also possible with Outlook.
  3. Asana
    Asana is a powerful shared calendar app that enables you to easily manage tasks and team projects. The timeline feature in this app shows each element of a project and how all the elements fit together while helping you to track changes.
  4. CoSchedule
    For large teams with several people who work together in collaboration, CoSchedule is a good choice. You need not use spreadsheets for tracking things. CoSchedule provides a clear view of all your plans in a single calendar.
  5. Team
    Groups are enabled to simplify their efforts towards scheduling, organizing, and communicating by using the Teamup app. With the calendars organized by colours, sharing between team members is easy, and can be performed through a secure URL.
  6. Thunderbird Lightning Calendar
    Considered one of the best calendar apps for Linux users, Thunderbird offers different views. Its display includes separate tabs for calendar, tasks, and email. Users may navigate easily between the tabs to stay in communication and organized.
    In the quest for improving employee productivity and business growth, technology has been constantly leveraged today. The latest addition to the list of such technologies is the calendar app. Marketing calendar tools make it possible for businesses to stay connected and focus better to achieve their goals.

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