Three Pillars of SEO(search engine optimization)

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Search Engines use various algorithms to search, read and choose the topicability of the websites. They they try to match up the webpages with the search queries based on the information in them.

This means search engines are making attempts to find out the most authoritative content to match a search request. For any query submitted in the search engine, there are usually many sites that potentially meets the answers to that query.Users expect the search engine to be an ideal librarian. So, your blog, website, site or webpage has to be on par with the expectation of the expert librarian – Search Engine, So better optimize your content.

If the search engine is unable to find your page, any work you do has no necessity to exist. Is your focus on ranking your page on the first few pages on the Google search engine results? No Worries!!!

Scroll further for a short overview and guidance for Search engine optimization (SEO). In general, there around 3 core elements for good performance in search engine results.

Three Pillars :

  • Technical: factors that happen in the background that has a direct impact on the performance and crawlability of the website that includes speed, sitemap, navigability, and adaption to mobile.
  • On-Page: The content you post on your page impacts the position in the search engine that includes E-A-T, all types of content, tags, etc…
  • Off-Page: Other aspects that are not part of your page but influence your ranking such as backlinks, socialmedia, and others.
  • Technical

These are factors that happen on the back end, however have a high impact on the performance of the webpage. Yout website must be designed with a clear and simple structure for search engines to detect and index your site. The schema of the page and URL patterns must have some logic. Based on the site you will have to have a distinct structure i.e. you will have to classify your page into topics of interest or chunks and make it simple to navigate between various headings and get more details about every heading.  Few other aspects that could affect your technical SEO are:

  • Speed – How fast your website, pages, and contents come up on the screen after a click.
  • Mobile-friendliness–  Google is practicing “Mobile-first” indexing as there are increased mobile phone users, these days.  Make sure your page is optimized and designed for mobile either by making a responsive design or a mobile site individually.
  • XML sitemap – This enlists all the pages and content on your website. This must be easy to understand and readable for google to crawl.
  • Navigation– Make sure it is easy to navigate from one topic to another easily on your website. It is recommended to have a “meganav” on the top of your page so that any web user can easily toggle between different content. 

Another technique to optimize navigability is using “breadcrumbs”. This helps users to have a record of their path within the website and get back or move forward easily.

  • On-Page

This about the content of your webpages such as text, images, tags, and others. The overall technique is easy- serve the requirement of the searcher/user with informative content. So let’s get a bit elaborate on a few other things to know on this aspect:

  • EAT – an acronym for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. A very common acronym that stands for the most important aspects of SEO. Google is searching to rank websites based on their expertise in their industry, have the authority which depends on many aspects, and they are keen on your trustworthiness.
  • Tags-  It is necessary to post applicable tags on your site and content such as titles and descriptions.
  • SEO Writing – Your content must be scripted with SEO service company in chennai in mind which means you must include necessary keywords in the articles you publish and your content must be easy for readers to read. Your idea must optimize the search engine and users. 
  • Images-  Images on your blog and in your content must be informative and appropriate. Images also gives attraction. Use them wherever necessary.
  • Off- Page 

Various aspects are not on your website but they help you in building a authority and trustworthiness with the search engines. Backlinks are the primary element of off-page SEO company in chennai. These are links of other sites available on your page that gives a picture to google that other websites also value on your site.

  • Link Building – This one of the complicated but rewarding tasks of SEO. This is the task of linking reputable and applicable websites on your page or content. The more the websites you lick are reputable and relavant the higher is the help you can get through backlink for your domain’s ranking. 

For better understanding- If you run a credit card company and you have the Points Guy script an article based on why your card is distinct in the market, that backlink will be highly valuable.

  • Social Media– Making your visibility in social media marketing company in chennai will help you establish your web presence further and raise your SEO. It is also a type of link-building.Presence in social media is a key factor in Search engine ranking and perfect configuration of social media profiles helps in boosting your SEO.
  • Guest Post blogging-When you write a guest post on an well ranked blog , you generally get a backlink to your page either in your content or in the author detail. Blogging is the 2nd major type of content for marketers and 60% of the marketers depend on blogging with social media content.
  • Influencer Marketing– This is a tactic where businesses and brands come together with famous bloggers or social media influencers to market their product or service. With the influencers come a huge fan club and sway, so it is easy to introduce or plug in your products among a huge audience easily.
  • Social Bookmarking– This is one other good choice of promoting and pulling large traffic to your webpage. This is a processof promoting your blogs on popular sites like Reddit, Scooplt, dig, StumbleUpon etc. The content is often updated on such websites which is acknowledged by search engines.

Final Words

We at Fueldigi have enlisted three pillars, which are just the tip of an iceberg when it comes to SEO. However, we have tried to introduce you to all the fundamental aspects of SEO.

To know more-in-depth about SEO and to have a perfect SEO guide for beginners who own blogs, keep checking our website- “ Fueldigi” . 

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