6 best Influencers You Need to Follow Right Now in Instagram

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Influencer marketing has become a very effective strategy on social media platforms, especially Instagram. With a massive reach, Instagram influencers have the power to enhance a brand’s exposure and boost brand awareness. A brand, when endorsed by an influencer having a large number of followers, is more likely to be visible and attractive.

The top-6 Instagram Influencers

Following is the list of the top 6 Instagram influencers you must follow:

1. Cameron Dallas

At the age of 24, Cameron Dallas, with his charismatic posts that exude a personal touch, is known as the ‘digital heartthrob.’ A multi-faceted personality, Cameron balances between modeling, acting, and rapping. Netflix calls him a social media sensation.

With 21.4 million followers, 1090 following, and 55 posts, Cameron Dallas is one of the best Instagram influencers today. He does short as well as long videos that cover several things, song previews, and music being a few.

2. Daily Dose

Daily Dose, the digital marketing agency in chennai, is among the biggest and first and motivational accounts on social media. This motivational Instagram account was created by Tim Karsliyev and it has more than 1.4 million Instagram followers. Aiming to help young adults, it has a range of filtered images with motivational and inspirational quotes.

The founder of Daily Dose has a reach of over 200 million people across social media platforms, a quarter of them using Instagram. He acts on the principle that he must make a difference rather than waiting for things to change. Using a simple but effective strategy to relate to users, Daily Dose offers highly sharable information.

3. Tonio Skits

Known as the King of Comedy, Tonio Skits has a following of more than 3.6 million users as well as 50 million monthly impressions across various social media platforms. He is much in demand to host huge events as a powerful social media commentator.

Tonio creates, edits, and directs his own content. He has become a huge success on social media marketing in chennai through viral marketing. His success is attributed to his ability to incorporate his background and culture into his videos. This authentic, talented personality has been breaking barriers as an excellent social media influencer.

4. Desi Perkins

A lifestyle and beauty blogger, Desi Perkins has 3.4 million followers exclusively on Instagram. From skull faces to bold nude looks, she gives excellent instructions on anything related to make-up.

One of the most successful beauty and lifestyle content creators with content marketing company in chennai today, Desi Perkins proves to be very helpful to women in tackling the constant need to create beautiful looks effortlessly using make-up.

5. Cookin With Mima

A one-stop-source for myriad food recipes on Instagram, Cookin With Mima is renowned for easy to make and guaranteed to please recipes. The recipes are sure to impress and aesthetically appealing. Healthy recipes are given particular attention. This recipe Instagram account has nearly 2.5 million followers.

6. Joel Contartese

One of the first entrepreneurs who monetized social media in 2012, Joel Contartese is considered the architect for creating the blueprint that is used by many social media brands today. He ranks among the top content marketers of 2017 as well, by Inc. Magazine. Joel’s Instagram account is aesthetically pleasing, and quotes and photos appear now and then.


Instagram influencers combine their brand awareness with their own personal touch and through consistent posts. This helps to draw users in. Making use of the strategies of the top Instagram influencers helps brands to maximize their reach.

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