How to Identify Your Correct Keywords?

How to Identify Your Correct Keywords?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is inevitable in today’s business scenario. Best SEO Services in Chennai helps businesses to boost their online visibility and ranking in the search engines. Choosing the right keywords is one of the crucial steps in the process of successful SEO. While enhancing web traffic is considered a priority, using the perfect keywords to attract the appropriate audience is even more important.

Effective Tips to Choose the Right Keywords

1. Identify your goals first

You need to get started with proper goals for any paid or organic search effort. You must know what ultimately you want to achieve in your business. Is it engagement or leads or sales that you want to grow? Understanding this helps to determine how much traffic and search conversions you will require.  

2. Go for a keyword research

There are free online tools for SEO keyword research such as SEMRush, Google Suggest, and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool. Google Keyword Planner is one such effective tool for SEO keyword research. Create a list of potential keywords by using a tool.

3. Consider the search intent

Doing successful keyword research calls for thinking about each query’s search intent. According to the search intent, keywords may be categorized into three, namely, navigational keyword, informational keyword, and transactional keyword. Search intent helps you to efficiently plan the content in a way that helps to meet users’ requirements.

4. Analyzing your competition is important

Check your competitors’ websites and look at the keywords they target. This helps you to build your own list of keyword ideas and ensure that you don’t miss out on important ones. Identify the phrases and terms focused by your competitors that align with your content and organization in any way. This will greatly help to come up with your own keywords. Find and make use of low-competition phrases.

5. Filter the weak ones out of your list of keywords

Having created the master list of your intended keywords, it is essential to drop the weaker ones. You need to consider factors such as search volume, competition, relevance, and current rankings for discarding the low-performing keywords.

6. A blend of long-tail and head keywords is a sound business idea

Both head keywords with fewer phrases and long-tail keywords with more phrases have their own benefits. It is advisable to use these in a balanced way. Each with its own virtues will help you to efficiently specify your product and get increased traffic.

7. Decide the best keywords out of the narrowed-down list

Out of the remaining keywords that have the maximum potential to earn results, select a few that will be easy to optimize. These are the appropriate keywords that will help to make your content more relevant and attractive while enabling your site to get increased traffic.


Identifying and using the appropriate keywords is the primary requirement in the SEO process. The right keywords ensure that your content is easily searchable and relevant, thus enhancing your chances of being ranked higher in the search engines.

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