9 Key Discoveries in 2020 Social Media Reach

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Social media reach trends keep constantly changing. They rarely stay stagnant or remain the same. The growth rate of social media across the globe has mostly stayed consistent for a few years. This necessitates entrepreneurs and marketers to be well aware of social media reach trends in 2020 for succeeding in running their effective social media marketing campaigns.

The Major Discoveries in Social Media Research Trends in 2020

1. Whatsapp has been gaining momentum

Whatsapp usage has been increasing steadily over the years. There has been a jump of 26% in its usage among the user group aged 12 to35 during the last year. Easy formatting and the ability to instantly share information are quoted to be the reason for this.

2. Live video gaming gains traction among people

Statistics show that around 10% of the entire population aged 12 or older has been hooked to playing live-streamed video games. This is an increase of over 27% since last year. Live streaming has been made easily accessible, thanks to the emergence of streaming platforms such as Twitch. The Coronavirus pandemic has fueled the overall increase in live streaming platforms.

3. Instagram is rising to reach the number 1 tag

During the period when social media usage has been steady, Instagram has been witnessing significant growth among all users. It has become second only to Facebook in global popularity. It is leading the race due to the support of younger demographics. Instagram ranks top among the 12-35 age group as the most widely and frequently used platform.

4. Dynamic, advanced, and direct social media ads are gaining momentum

Global businesses are universally following social ads for their brand promotion. Social shopping is the norm today, and ads are becoming advanced. Personalized and dynamic ads enable brands to reach a massive audience and engage them as well.

5. Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular

Influencer marketing is one authentic way of advertising products and services in the digital world. Influencers play a significant role in bringing more business, and modern social media users tend to be more engaged when influencer marketing is used prudently.

6. The use of social media as an effective discovery engine is increasing

The crucial role played by social media to drive branded search and direct traffic is obvious in the tech-driven digital marketing agency in chennai scenario. In addition to this, a social media marketing company in Chennai may well be used as a discovery engine through text message clubs and private messaging.

7. Facebook has gained popularity among Generation X

The use of Facebook by the 35-54-year olds has risen considerably during 2020. In fact, this age group has become the widest of users in advanced nations.

8. Video and YouTube keep their share

While visual marketing has always remained a hot trend, videos have become an even more crucial trend in social media. YouTube has no doubt emerged as one of the leading social media marketing platforms today. It is very close to Facebook in reach.

9. User-generated content adds value to your brand

The content created by audiences is creating amazing value for brands. The public tends to find content that is posted by peers to be compelling and far more influential than even the brand’s content.

Wrap-up The best way to reach more audience is through engaging content. By setting actionable social media goals and following the current trends, you can roll out the best social media campaigns.

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