How Big is the Gender Gap Between Men and Women in SEO?

How Big is the Gender Gap Between Men and Women in SEO

Gender equality has been a hot topic in most of the modern industries, including IT. Nonetheless, there is practically a gap between male and female professionals, when it comes to SEO career.  Female SEO professionals constitute just over 28% of the SEO landscape while their male counterparts occupy the reminder, which is the major portion.

The Contemporary SEO Market Scenario

Despite the general attempt to do away with gender bias, SEO field is in fact dominated by males. Though there are successful and powerful women SEO service in chennai professionals in the current industry, they are few and far between. Men folk outnumber the ladies by 2 to 1 in the SEO profession.

Similar to other modern industries, female-identifying SEO professionals as well have to fight to be heard. At times, they are even being paid less for the same work than men. Digital marketing agency in chennai , especially SEO, has been termed as a common profession that doesn’t involve any sort of discrimination among the genders. Even then, the gender gap is evident.  

Is SEO Struck in Gender Inequality?

Internet usage across the globe has boomed over the past two decades. More than 60% of the population of the modern world is now online. The figure keeps growing over the years. The robust SEO professionals’ community is one of the driving forces behind this growing market. Despite the fact that there are legions of SEO experts, those identifying as females have been few.

Gender equality in the SEO market tends to be more pronounced in countries such as Australia, Latin America, and New Zealand. The average figures show as low as 16 to 18% of female SEO professionals compared to 82% of their male counterparts in these countries. On the other hand, in countries such as Canada and the African countries, both the genders share almost an equal portion of the total market.

Where do the Female-Identifying SEOs Shine?

The major portion of the female SEOs has been identified to serve in the three common career environments that are listed below:

  • Independent consultant or freelancer
  • In-house SEO expert
  • Taking up jobs in the agency setting

The above paths have their own advantages and drawbacks. It is understood that male and female-identifying SEO professionals are equally likely to pursue in-house opportunities. About 40% of both genders have been found to work inside a single business. Both report being satisfied with the level of support they receive and the working conditions. In the agency setting, men slightly tend to work more than women (49% vs 42%).

The gap widens when it comes to freelancing. Females are dominant here. The full-time freelancing career path has been growing across the modern economic landscape currently. This draws more women than men, due to the advantages such as flexibility and control over the income.


While there is no discrimination in the recruitment and related processes, there still is a gender gap when it comes to the SEO market. Female SEOs feel that it is harder for them to be recruited or promoted despite their stellar performances.

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