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The micro adoption of the internet into the daily lives of individuals has single-handedly been responsible for the explosive growth of digital marketing over the past decade. First, it was the world wide web, a revolution launched by Tim Berners-Lee and his team sometime in 1991. The landscape soon evolved from search engines to emails (remember Yahoo!?) and then entered the inimitable Google, which is now a household name. Thereafter, Amazon and e-Bay followed, after which selling digitally, really became a thing. It was only when marketers began using the power of keywords, as users would simply input against the search engines – that SEO or Search Engine Optimization advanced and aggressive tactics were adopted to ensure that every company stayed on top of a search. Finally, companies today are investing in high-quality mobile ranking, as well, so that they can stay available at their customers’ fingertips.

While most businesses are vying for visibility and top-ranking positions, there are still some others who seem to turn a blind eye to the benefits of digital marketing both local and international. Digital marketing has the ability to grow your customer base by inviting visitors into the website and providing them with material that is highly engaging and coercive, thus adding them to your esteemed database of patrons.

For the skeptical, the novice and the expert, here are 10 tips to grow your business with digital marketing agency in chennai. The last two are actually reserved as strategies to be implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Generate natural and search traffic leads with the help of intelligent Search Engine Optimization strategies to grow your business. If implemented properly, SEO can augment your online presence and image, and when stitched to SEM is extremely effective in reaching a wider and more targeted audience.


Pay Per Click is a paid advertising campaign, used by businesses for users to follow links to the company’s landing page. The website should be built adequately, to generate relevant traffic that finally, leads to conversions. This is a highly alluring plan that balances both risks and rewards. The associated costs for the service are also relatively low.

Website Maintenance

You may already rank pretty high on the SERPs with SEO. But as it seems, potential leads may navigate away from you for a variety of reasons. Price and product comparisons are some of the most typical excuses why potential leads tend to retract themselves. Use remarketing strategies to capture your visitors once again and change their minds appealingly. Most users will not remember your website in a single visit. But with a blend of the right digital marketing tactics and a well-maintained website, users will be encouraged to come back to you. Great on-site user experiences are some of the easiest ways to lure latent contacts back to your site.

Online Reputation Management (ORM):

The online reputation for your brand and business is monitored and supported to maintain optimal value. Hate words, negative reviews and other such mishaps are identified to strike a balance by incorporating enough positive reviews to the extent that your business can be promoted smoothly, online. This also helps you gain new customers.

Social Media Optimization

One of the most effective and inexpensive ways of building brand loyalty lies in social media optimization. Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even Quora can be used to help stay constantly visible on the internet.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing still works especially when you adopt the multi-touch drip approach and design stunning templates to engage your audience. With detailed reporting, your click-through-rates are improved as each of these communications is fashioned as per the prospect’s buying stage and behavior.

Advantages of Local SEO

By using region-specific keywords, you can target potential customers on foot who are closer to your services. Modify website content to rank higher in local search engine results. For this you must also ensure that your business NAP – name, address and phone number, are consistent across the internet. To succeed in local markets, a schema markup, regional landing pages, and local link building strategies are extremely important.

Google My Business Profile

Online local success can be achieved when you are a business with a physical address in the specific target area. Use Google’s My Business Listing to build yourself into the listing to augment your online presence. You can also link this directly back to your website.

Bounce-back strategy

The Coronavirus pandemic will not last forever. It is bound to fade away in a few months. At the time, the consumers’ spending habits will stabilize as normalcy returns. An SEO strategy drafted today, can go a long way into the future where potential seekers will find their way physically into your store. Do not pause your SEO and digital marketing  plans now, lest you become a distant memory when everything else is working.

Unique circumstances and special offers

Offer special discounts during this uncertain period to retain your valuable customer base that keeps your revenue flowing. Barge into social media with your spate of special bargains to lure newer customers. You can also use PPC to identify that your product is absolutely fit for the current market.

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