How to do a Youtube marketing strategy

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Things you need to know before going into YouTube marketing

Let’s just accept the fact that most of us binge-watch YouTube videos at least for 5 hours a day. But have you ever thought of creating an online platform for your business on YouTube??

In this blog, you will understand about creating a YouTube channel, developing content, running ads, get more sales and really using YouTube to build your brand. If you wish to make a difference in your online marketing, this is definitely going to help you out.

YouTube is one of the most popular and most visited websites in today’s internet infected world. Here you can share your content through video sources which makes it an incredibly powerful source for marketing.

Here are the few steps that you can take to build your YouTube marketing strategy

It is now clear that you have decided to explore YouTube marketing. Great!! Creating a sustainable YouTube platform requires a lot of planning and time.

Let’s dive in.

  1. Creating a YouTube channel–To undertake any marketing strategies with YouTube you have to simply create an account first. It is very easy to create a YouTube account with the help of your Google account.

Have a good channel layout because when the users go into your channel,  they have to understand what you are, what kind of services you provide, and what kind of content you upload.

You can create your channel also with the help of a brand account where more than one accounts can log in. It also provides its users with editing permissions and helps in creating a strong presence.

  If you already have a YouTube channel skip this part.

2. Know your Audience –YouTube has given the users and marketers a convenient platform to create unique content to consume and The YouTube channel you create for business will give you access to analytics tab which gives you a lot of statistics and insights related to your channel.

  Here you can see quantitative insights and your audience behavior which includes the number of views, average watch time, subscriber demographics, revenue generated, and interaction rate.

Also, the thumbnail of the videos you upload plays an important role in grabbing the viewer’s attention towards the video. Create a high-quality shot that represents what your video is trying to convey and if you want you can also add your brand logo in your thumbnail to highlight the uniqueness of your video.

Apart from this by engaging and interacting with your audience through the coming section will definitely be useful in understanding what your audience expects from you.

3. SEO based content –YouTube such a marketing tool that can help you increase your brand presence and improve your SEO. As previously mentioned YouTube is one of the biggest search engine platforms. Merely creating a YouTube channel and uploading content is not enough. There are many methods that you can adopt to optimize your content to rank highly on both YouTube and Google.

There is this term called metadata which gives information like title, description, category, tags, subtitles, thumbnail, etc. of your videos to the users. Just like on-page SEO, it is very important to optimize the title and description of your video.

Do a little research on the keywords that people are searching for and try to include it in the first 60 characters of your description and title.

4. Developing a strategy –now comes the most important part. Now that you have created a YouTube channel and are aware of your audience the next step is to create relatable content on your channel.

 YouTube basically requires you to have large subscriber bases this will help you in increasing the views of your channel. There are so many digital marketing techniques for you to spread the word.

You can share your YouTube channel via social media, websites or blogs, emails, etc. to add additional insights to your video. This will help you in promoting your YouTube channel and draw attention toward your content. Just by simply sharing the video will help the targeted audience to reach out to you.

5. Understanding the analytics –after creating a sustainable platform on YouTube now you should be able to analyze the success rate of your channel. YouTube requires a lot of time and effort in generating positive results.

Try to determine your goal when you upload a video this will give you a small insight on how driven you are and how much brand awareness is growing. Initially, the analytics can be e overwhelming but it is not as difficult as it seems to understand.

YouTube Analytics shows you how many people have found your content and how long they have seen it. Is also includes performance metrics, traffic sources, demography, etc.

It also allows you to filter your search by video type, device type, watch time, audience retention, geography, traffic rates, playlists, subscriber rates, and translations. It also creates different types of charts and interactive maps for your convenience.

6. Running advertising campaign – Along with driving organic traffic on your video there are also several other paid options on promoting your YouTube channel. Some types of YouTube ads are:

  • Related video discovery ads: this search appears on your YouTube homepage when the search service shows up and also as recommended videos.
  • In-stream ads: these are generally played within the YouTube video. Hair usually the view had the privilege to skip that after the first 5 seconds.

Now that you are all set to explore the platform of YouTube you might understand that YouTube is not just a place for fun but is also a serious digital marketing platform. It might take a lot of time and effort to come to a stable position but it is all worth it at the end because it provides a sustainable platform for showcasing your content in an engaging way. You would have got brief answers on how to create a YouTube channel? How can YouTube benefit your business? How to use YouTube in your marketing strategy? If you are willing to know more about YouTube marketing please let us know.

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